Designer Jewellery – Latest Trend in Jewellery Design

Jewellery is on top of fashion chart these days. Jewellery designers feel the need for innovative, elite, and unique jewellery designs, and they are coming up with their new collections to attract the mass. Jewellery lovers are always in search of Superior Sterling Silver Rings designs according to their own choice. They are no longer strict to designer’s vision only. This approach forced jewellery designers and jewellery manufacturers to come up with designer fashion jewellery products capable of customization according to customer’s choice. These days every jewellery store offers wide range of custom designed jewellery, where customers can choose the type of metal used in making jewellery along with stones.

Jewellery customization trend is not a case with a particular jewellery product. Customers are demanding it for every type of jewellery they are buying, like necklace, engagement and wedding rings, bracelets and earrings. However, maximum popular customizable jewellery products are Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Wedding Rings, Bracelets, and Wedding Bands. Gold is no longer yellow always. Jewellery enthusiasts are more attracted to white gold due to its better finish, glow and easy maintenance.

White Gold

White Gold is most popular element of custom designed jewellery products. White gold is not a new metal, in facts it is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, generally Nickel, Palladium, Platinum or Titanium. Its properties vary according to the metal used with Gold. White gold made of Gold and Nickel is hard and strong, and therefore ideal for rings and pins. Gold-Palladium alloys are soft, flexible and ideal for gemstone settings. Sometime expert goldsmiths mix Platinum with Gold for better durability and weight. White Gold is often coated with a very thin layer of rhodium for extra shine like platinum of silver.

Customized Engagement Ring/Wedding Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Wedding Rings, and Diamond Wedding bands are most popular among both male and female jewellery products. Couples always wanted to include each other choices in Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring to make their beloved happy. They prefer to engrave name of would be life partner on wedding bands with lovely messages. The trend of using gems according to sun sign is also in demand.

In brief, it is latest trend to wear jewellery products influenced by prominent jewellery designers but with individual choice and preferences included. All jewellery manufactures, designers and online jewellery stores are trying to reap the benefits of this popular trend in jewellery market.

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