Get Better Jackpots by Playing Poker Machines Online

There is an ongoing debate as to which poker machines are more favorable for punters. Some prefer playing slot machines in real login hoki222 because playing in these venues makes gambling much more authentic. On the other hand, there are those who prefer online pokies due to the convenience it presents. If with the former one has to go out of his way to visit a real casino the latter lets the punter play with his slots game in his living room, an internet cafe or any location he could find if he has a laptop with him. Both of them works the same, but many people are saying that one is better than the other. So inevitably, one is lead to ask: which one of them is really better?

Ever since slot machines came into existence people have been hooked on it. It has gained so much popularity over the years that no film about a casino will be complete without an army of one-armed bandits being played by hordes of people. People love playing this game. It’s exciting waiting for the reels to stop spinning because it’s when one would emerge with a bucket-load of coins or would go home with an empty pocket. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush for the adventurous punter because no one really knows when he or she will win or lose in the coming round.

The advantage one gets from offline slot machines is that they are more authentic than the ones played in a personal computer. The blinding lights, the wafting smell of tobacco and alcohol coming from the other gamblers, the intermittent ringing of alarm bells from a slot machine broadcasting a winner and the look of curiosity or envy from other punters if a player wins a game—these are the reasons why it’s so fun to play with offline poker machines.

Online pokies tend to be less authentic compared to it’s land-based counterpart. The casino floor is a person’s living room. The sound of alarm bells ringing comes from the computer’s speakers and only the neighbors will hear the sound of elation when a player wins. But despite all that, there’s a reason why so many people are opting for these virtual poker machines.

If one is to pit offline pokies against online pokies and their deciding factor is higher percentages in payouts online slot machines have the first one beat by a mile. Online slot games have much better percentages in payouts due to a number of reasons. One, virtual casinos do not have tangible establishments that require high return of investment to pay for overall costs for maintenance, insurance, employees’ salaries and other miscellaneous items. So if they don’t have to pay for all those things then they can afford to give out more cash prizes than their land-based counterpart.

Two, so many online pokies and casinos are emerging every month that most of them are offering bonus deals or promotions almost every week just to keep their existing customers or attracting new ones just to stay competitive.

The truth is that online pokies have a 95% to 98% payout percentage compared to the land-based one, which only has 80% to 88%. So those who prefer better payouts to authenticity then online poker machines should be their game of choice.

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