Realtor sarasota fl – Sarasota Realtor’s Most Powerful Tool

If you have ever listened to a listing presentation from a Realtor sarasota fl you have probably heard a laundry list of things that might do to get your house sold. Some of them might include property brochures, just listed cards, individual property websites, company websites.

The multiple listing service or MLS is a central database of properties for sale that Realtors use religiously day in and day out. It provides a wealth of useful information and we use it for virtually everything. The Sarasota MLS helps use locate properties for sale to help buyers, research sold properties for valuation purposes. Examine sales to study overall real estate market trends and to promote properties that we have listed for sale.

By entering the home in this system the listing agent has immediately hired all local Realtors to help sell that home. Instead of one agent trying to sell it you now have hundreds or even thousands of agents trying to sell it.

Let’s assume a seller lists his property for sale with a Realtor at 6%. The listing Realtor will then place the home in the Sarasota MLS. And offer compensation of usually one half of the full commission to any agent that comes along with a buyer who sells the home. In this instance the selling agent would get  commission for selling the property and the listing agent would get for representing the seller. So, by placing the home in this central database known as the MLS. The listing agent has not only promoted the home to their own buyer pool but to every Realtor’s buyer pool.

Tapping into the huge buyer pool is why the multiple listing system is the most valuable tool that a Realtor has in selling a home. It is much more powerful than pretty brochures, a busy real estate website, yard sign, email blasts, open houses, print advertising in the newspaper and all other real estate marketing