7 Tips for Welcoming a New Kitten Into Your Home

The day has finally arrived and that oh so small bundle of fur has exotic shorthair kittens for sale in your home. It is there looking up at you and all of sudden you realize that you have assumed responsibility for another real, living breathing creature. Those small eyes are so trusting and already it believes that you fully know how to care and look after it. You on the other hand are not really sure where you should start. Here are 7 tips that I hope will help you:

Tip 1. Prepare before the kitten arrives. There are some essential items that you should get hold of before arrival day. Your new kitten will need some very basic supplies to be in place before you bring him home. Your kitten will need food and water dishes that are clean, preferable ceramic. You will also need a litter box that is accessible to a small kitten that is located in a place that will give your kitten privacy from other household animals or small children.

Tip 2. Simply relax. You will be surprised how quickly you and your kitten will get used to each other and your little ways.

Tip 3. Confine your new kitten to just one room of the home for the first day (preferably the one with the litter box in it). After a few days, allow the kitten to explore another area of the home. Make sure that you have kitten-proofed each area before allowing the kitten in it. This means no cleaning products, no small objects that a kitten can get lodged in the throat, and no poisonous plants. Every few days expand the area of the home to include more space until eventually your kitten is allowed to explore all areas of your home.

Tip 4. Get used to looking where you are treading. Kittens are very small and it is easy to tread on them if they are scampering around the floor, so be aware.

Tip 5. Be careful when you close doors and cupboards. Kittens are inquisitive little creatures and they can easily get shut in if you do not know they are there.

Tip 6. Kittens generally love to be handled and played with. Spend time playing with your kitten each day. If you have to be out of the home for any lengths of time make sure that your kitten has some toys to occupy itself whilst you are away.

Tip 7. Provide your kitten with some kind of bed or sleeping area where it can go and feel secure. Kittens and cats like having some kind of wall around them which is why many choose to sleep in corners. Alternatively, a simple cardboard box with towelling or a blanket in the bottom can provide an excellent bed for a kitten, but make sure it is easy for it to get into.

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