Books Collection – The Driving Factors For a Wondrous Hobby

Most bibliophiles choose acim collection as a hobby and it often stems from the pure pleasure of reading. The art of book collection constitutes a well planned approach that culminates in accumulation of books from diverse genres. This resourceful and often lucrative hobby of book collection is passion inclined. There are however, many reasons behind its rising popularity.

The inspiring sources may be plenty and one of them is the zest to procure books of a genre. This may be followed with a fascination for books by a particular author. One book is all it takes to entice the reader to lap up more in the genre. The reasons may be manifold and few of them are discussed below:

‘Genre’ is the crux of book collection as it is important to know the category to which the particular book belongs. If the genre appeals to the reader, he is bound to buy more books in that specific category. This is a detailed approach for book purchase as books of a genre are embedded with a distinct flavor. What`s more, a particular writer’s approach, adds the much needed vivacity.

Collecting books written by an author is induced by virtue of love or fan following for the particular writer. One read is all it takes to get the readers hooked to a particular style of writing. A book often sells by the name of the author and beginners that prefer to have books by renowned authors generally opt for this criterion.

The print and electronic media have indeed popularized books. The growing awareness of the internet and the significance of market research have paved the way for many readers to read the reviews before zeroing in, on a book. As books are deeply valued by a bibliophile or a book collector; advertisements, reviews and market rankings have a huge impact on their sale.

Vintage value:
Affluent collectors often splurge on books as they believe books have an undeniable aesthetic value. It is appropriate to say that most readers are not collectors and most collectors may not read at all. Book collectors that belong to the second category are often attracted to the authentic jacket covers or the potential resale value of the book. There is yet another category of collectors that are ardent fans of a particular author and collect more books by that author, irrespective of whether they would read them. Owning a vintage collection is a matter of pride for most collectors and an important driving factor for the illustrious hobby.

First Editions:
There are book collectors that are more enthusiastic about first editions and will go to any lengths to procure them. They are certainly more expensive and add an element of grandiosity to the vintage collection.

There are different types of people that take up book collection as a hobby. Some do it for the pure pleasure of reading and are known as readers. They collect books they have read and enjoyed, to preserve for a leisure time read. And then, there are collectors that buy books to add to their ostentatious collection. Therefore, book collection is generally referred to as an art and this wondrous hobby is much sought after. It adds an element of creativity to a mundane life and when planned appropriately, it may be one of the most lucrative hobbies. Hence few book collectors say “we collect, therefore we are.”

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