Chocolate Love (You May Laugh)

Are chocolate lovers crazy POLKA DOT MUSHROOM BARS In my line of business I have encountered many people who just cannot get enough of it, and therefore would qualify for the title of “Crazy For Chocolate Person” (and I’m quite willing to entertain the possibility that I may be one of them). I certainly wouldn’t want to be the one nominated for the role of telling some amongst them, that henceforth,

They will not be allowed to indulge in their self prescribed elixir of life. The idea that, any suggestion of chocolate being prohibited, could lead to extreme behaviour, has inspired these thoughts and quotations. Do you think I’m crazy?… In the beginning, there was the word…and the word was Xocalati (Aztec name for cacao, meaning ‘bitter water’).

There are three important things in life: Love, chocolate,……and remembering to buy chocolate. (Chocolate is the most popular confectionary flavour in the world). Last week, I saw a swimming pool full of chocolate liquor; and as usual, I had to go and put my foot in it-well to be honest, it was both feet. (Americans are the largest consumers of chocolate in the world.)

I had a ‘near death’ experience, and I saw the light, and the light was leading me into a shiny brown, and the shiny brown was surrounded by, what looked like almonds. (The majority of almonds produced, are used in the chocolate industry).

We were the first to build a house completely from chocolate. Two months later, here we are; homeless-but not hungry! Obviously, the person that said, “Music is the food of life,” never tasted it. (Chocolate cravings cannot be satisfied by any flavour other than chocolate).

If chocolates and flowers are the way to a girl’s heart, then why do they not make chocolate flowers? (Twice as many women than men eat chocolate). Susan asked Mary, “So what would you do if I took all that chocolate away?” Mary replied, “So what would you do if you had to carry all that chocolate, and you weren’t allowed to leave…Never ever!

“At the end of the day, people are all the same, we all want and need the same things, dont we?” “Yeh right! Speak for yourself dude!” (A study by Dr Gene-Jack Wang, showed increase brain activity in research participants (similar to that of cocaine addicts) when exposed to their favourite foods).

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