Heal Your Money Vibe to Experience Financial Abundance

Do you realize your relationship with money is a reflection of your inner being? How money shows up in your life has little to do with مكن عد النقدية itself, rather, it is related to what you are thinking in your mind and how you are feeling in your emotions.

To begin, you need to understand how your brain works. When you first come into this world, you are a clean slate, a fresh template. But then your parents begin to program you, and your template begins to take shape. If you hear, as I did, that your parents’ god is education, then you will unconsciously decide to make education your god as well. Some people may choose to rebel against this programming, refusing to adhere to their parents’ expectations and making the decision to deny themselves an education.

My father measured success by education, I experienced difficulty with regards to business when I began my career as an attorney. It was hard me to ask for the sale, to ask for business. Once I changed my template and got in touch with who I am as a person, I then made the decision to become a coach. My life’s work is coaching people, and I genuinely want to touch the lives of people and change their money vibes. I have found my passion and so my relationship with money reflects my inner being in a positive way.

Remember, your template is your previous and current programming. Your inner being is comprised of your unique energy. This energy plus your template creates your vibration. Energy moves. As human beings, we move. The dictionary defines vibration as a periodic process. What is your vibration? Is it high, medium, or low? Suppose you have a low financial vibration, but you choose to bring yourself into alignment with your redesigned template. Inevitably, your vibration will be raised, thus allowing your revised template and your vibration to work together to reflect who you really are.

So how do we make our vibration work for us? Through focus! Focus is defined as a central point of attraction, attention or activity. Physics defines focus as a point at which rays of light, heat, or other radiation meet after being refracted or reflected. How does this apply to our subject matter? Whatever you send out in with focused intent will come back to you. Focus on your money template.

Think of the popular saying, “Don’t try to fit a square plug in a round hole.” Do you realize you are sensing on some level that your square plug is not working with the round hole? Today, we choose to rewrite the template so your template and vibe meet and match up.

Have you considered what your money template looks like? Picture it. Use whatever images come to mind. Your imagination is what makes you your unique human self. Your imagination is what God gave you so nobody else on this planet is the same as you are. Don’t say you aren’t an imaginative person. You are! If you say, “I want to go to the store,” then you have already visualized  the store in your mind. You’ve used your imagination!

Now, think again of your individual money template. Is it a rigid square box? What is your programming? In my coaching, I’ve seen programming that says, “I am my money.” I’ve seen programming that says, “Money is bad. If I make too much, I will lose my loved ones.” Other people say, “I just love money.” It’s important to realize that your programming is not good or bad; however, you need to be aware of what your programming is if you are ready to change your money vibes.

Money is defined as a circulating exchange of value. If you don’t value yourself, you will not experience money the way you were intended to experience it. Even if you have access to a great deal of money, you will not be able to enjoy that money if you have a low value of yourself.  See money as a tool and your relationship with money will be healthier.

Another vital point to consider is that regardless of what is going on in any economy, your experience with money right now has everything to do with you and nothing to do with the economy. If you believe your source of money is located outside of yourself, then you will feel subject to the economy. Perhaps you are thinking, “What if I can’t pay the mortgage next month? What am I going to do?” 

First of all, don’t get into a panic. When you are panicking, your natural flight or fight response kicks in, and the thinking/creating part of your brain cannot seek out solutions. Calm down. Gain awareness. Only then will you be able to put on your thinking cap and find a way to increase your cash flow.

So how do you make certain your personal vibration (your template plus your life force) matches the circulatory energy of money? You take away your money blocks. Do you tend to think money means security? It is not. Think of security in this way: when your mother was pregnant with you, you were surrounded by amniotic fluid and the love of your mother. You were protected from the outside world. If you experience love and protection you will feel secure. Say out loud, “My protection comes from me.” For me, protection is a spiritual experience. What is your belief about protection and your faith? Consider those beliefs and how they are affecting your relationship with money.

Now, something that has worked well for me is to hold in my mind an image of the someone that represents wealth and money to me in a very positive way and I will myself to fall in love with this representation of money. I then make that my money image because I do have a relationship with money just as I do with my partner. When you know your partner is there with you, you feel secure, and this is the same vibe you want to experience with money.

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