How and When to Use Social Media Channels

Most marketers focus upon two major concerns; HOW do they make money for their organisation and WHY do some marketing channels make more money that others.

When شراء متابعين تيك توك channels were first introduced every marketer adopted this new marketing concept and exploited the possibilities to solve their HOW and WHY concerns. Some notable organisations claimed spectacular results. However, engaging in Social Media marketing is a challenge particularly in integrating it into a companies existing marketing plan and to meet company expectations on profitability, and it’s not for everyone.


Most marketers do not understand the dynamics that social media may not be the appropriate medium to engage in the promotion of their product or service. There are characteristics and special audience requirements to consider for each social media channel that will be discussed in this article for blobs and social media.

Most large organisations in the market place, activity engage in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but, usually, the promotion only accounts for less than 1%-2% of total revenues.


There are some pre-requisites required before you engage in social media:

  1. Know thyself – know your enemy as well as yourself
  2. Know your goals – have clear, achievable and measurable metrics
  3. Know your limits – set limits and do not exceed them.
  4. Create a clear, simple and proper marketing message or narrative.

Once your organisation has answered these questions, then all organisations should ask themselves and develop four fundamental questions.

  1. Is engagement in social medium right for my organisation?
  2. What is the appropriate match of social medium to my marketing message?
  3. Develop a four step social media strategy targeted to the product/message
  4. Develop appropriate metrics for measurable and growth.

Companies and organisations should adopt a reality check and not get drawn into the latest and greatest money earning fade pushed out by so called experts. Perform a reality check and ask yourselves is this right for the business. Decide what time, labour and budget will be allocated and do a “reality check” on the benefits.


Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were never intended to be a marketing channel – they were created for like-minded people to share like-minded experiences and referrals and not for marketing campaigns – although some recommendations from friends, fans

Although these incremental sales might be useful but do come at an expense in time and resources. LinkedIn was conceived as a professional job seeking channel, Twitter was conceived as a immediate sharing experience focused on the immediacy factor. The exception is Google. Google + (Plus) was created as a marketing tool and is having a hard time establishing itself in the marketing place because of that. Users in the social sphere are not yet ready to accept marketing material. They want to give advice, recommend data, product and news too friends, fans and followers and share superior knowledge

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