How to Write and Publish a Book Using The Internet For Leverage

When you list your acim on your website, you are showing visitors right then and there that you are the expert! And it’s easy to link your book directly to Amazon, (even more credibility). All your visitor needs to do is click on your book and they are taken directly to Amazon to make a purchase.

If you do not have a website, you will want to get one. It is very easy to direct people to your website for a purchase and if you decide to add more products to your funnel: workbooks, audio books, speaking engagements, consulting, etc, then you will definitely want a single source of information for your potential customers!

The internet is a veritable feast of book marketing tools to which there really is no end. Here are five of the most effective tools available to you today:
Website. If you already have a website that people visit, and you have written on a topic that is relevant to your career/products/or services, you can add a bookstore page to your website.
Press release. Press releases are a very inexpensive way to get the word out about your book. You can send your release to media contacts and post it on the web. This makes it available to resources all over the world to reprint. My favorite is and it offers helpful information on writing a press release that will get your book the attention that you want.

Blogs. Blogs are an author’s friend! Posting on blogs, your own and on other relevant blogs, is a great way to promote your book. You are hitting a very targeted market when you blog and you are reaching potentially thousands of customers that will be interested in what you have to say.

Additionally, forums, newsgroups, and chat rooms are excellent book promotion tools. Find relevant groups, register using your website link and book’s title in your signature, and visit them to connect with your audience. The most important thing you can do on Amazon is create an effective listing. For this you will need a detailed description of your book. This should be very well written, take a look at your sales letter and the copy on the back of your book for guidance. What will your reader gain by reading your book? What are the specific benefits they’ll receive? Use this formula:

For example, “This book has made it possible for millions of people to self publish and achieve their personal and financial goals and it will show you the way too!”
You will also want your bio as the author. This will include any information about you that will help to establish your credibility on the subject and an expert in your field. Your book’s listing will also include your front and back cover. You can add more images from the inside of your book if you think they are good selling points, and I highly recommend that you add your table of contents. You can also add a sample chapter, excerpts, and even a message from the author. All of these listing elements will help your book sell.Categorize your book correctly.

Many people search Amazon with a specific subject in mind. Make sure that you categorize your book correctly and that you create a listing that describes your book accurately using search keywords, your name, and even your book’s title. People will browse Amazon in a variety of ways, by your name, by your book’s title, and by your subject matter. Make sure all of these are addressed in your listing. Article marketing. Articles that are made available on free websites are an amazing way to drive traffic to your website. Posted articles are read by visitors, who then click to your website for more information. The articles are posted on blogs, which leads to increased website traffic. The articles are also reprinted in newsletters and on other websites, which provides traffic. It also provides links to your site, which in turn can increase your website ranking with the search engines.

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