Keystrokes For Cash Review – Scam Or Legitimate Opportunity?

The keystrokes per hour For Cash official website states that an earning potential of $2,250 per day, only working part time, is possible. The lowest per day estimate is $250. The website further defines working part time as only “30 minutes per day.”

Realistically, the earnings you can expect from a program such as this would be closer to $100-$250 per day. Needless to say, in order to have success you’ll need to put forth an effort, as with most things in business.

Basically, affiliate marketing is what you’ll be getting involved with. The 3-4 line ads that the program teaches you to write are Google Adwords. This means you will be using pay per click (PPC) as your advertising method.

You will need to join an affiliate site like Clickbank, which is free. You’ll then select a product that you want to promote. After you’ve signed up for a Google AdWords account you can then create an ad campaign for your affiliate product of choice.

Once your ads are up and running live on Google and other search engines, people will have the opportunity to click on your ad. If they click on the ad, travel to your affiliate page and are enticed about your product enough to buy it, then you will make commission money.

Generally speaking, affiliate commissions can be quite small, so you want to be sure your ads aptly describe your opportunity so people don’t click on the ad and end up at a page that doesn’t quite match your ad description.

One of the disadvantages for people involved in a program like Keystrokes For Cash is that advertising costs can become quite big very quickly. Google will charge you a fee for every click you receive on your ad. As a result, knowing how to work with PPC becomes very important.

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