Microsoft Office Training Courseware

As a teacher or trainer who wants to provide the best Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise training to their students, you’re faced with a bewildering range of training materials to choose from. Choosing the right material for your students can be a minefield, so here are some factors that might influence your choice:

* Cost – You might be trying to keep costs down and think that all training material must be much the same. But beware of the quality of the material and try and get hold of a sample before buying. Many of the online courseware vendors do ‘discounts to buy the whole range’ but if you are only teaching for example, Microsoft Excel, why would you need the whole set of Microsoft Office training manuals?

* Quality – As mentioned above, the low cost of training material may well indicate that there’s a lack of quality about it. It may have been sourced from elsewhere and not actually written by the company you are buying it from. The language and grammar used may not be up to scratch and if you’re not based in the States, you may not necessarily want it written using American spelling and vocabulary. Make sure you see what you are buying before purchasing.

* Specialists in Microsoft Training – Does the company that are selling the training material have lots of courseware available on a wide range of subjects apart from computer skills? If so then they may not be specialists in writing computer training courseware.

* Layout of courseware -The new interface for Microsoft Office 2010 is a very visual experience for users and any training material written for Microsoft Office training needs to include plenty of screenshots to support the learning process. We all know that we learn best by doing and any courseware you use for Microsoft Office training should ideally include tasks and exercises for the student to consolidate the knowledge and skills they’ve gained. So check the courseware you are currently using to make sure it meets these criteria.

Once you’ve found a reputable company with the right Microsoft Office training courseware that meets all of your requirements you may also want to consider other things too such as – Do they offer training for the latest Microsoft releases, e.g. Microsoft Office 2010 – even if you’re not offering that right now you could be asked to offer it in the future and you would rather have a company that stay up to date with all the latest releases than not. Also, do you need any other resources to use in the classroom, such as assessment solutions to test your students’ progress with their Microsoft learning?

These are just a few things that as an I.T. trainer you may need to think about when choosing Microsoft Office training courseware, hopefully this review has helped you make a decision as to what you need.

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