Photo Portfolio – Working With Photographer

Of course, the Wedding Photographer NYC and type of pictures included in your portfolio will differ depending on what project you are pursuing but usually, a Comp Card or ZED Card will contain a compilation of about 4-7 body poses, with room for addition and variation if you so choose.

Many printers can prepare your comp cards for you but it behooves you to spend some time comparing the work of several companies and going with the one that fits your budget while still producing a solid product. If you are signed with an agency, it becomes their job to prepare a Comp Card for you. Furthermore, an established photographer may have reliable connections in the entertainment industry and may help you get in direct contact with scouts or companies requiring talent. A well-established and skilled photographer is an integral part of your success.

A referral from a knowledgeable party in the industry is the surest way to choose a list of potential photographers. If you cannot obtain such advice, you must take it upon yourself to visit as many accredited photographers as you can, carefully examining their work and choosing the one that suits your style. Remember that you must be comfortable with your photographer and can relax at the time of the shoot.

The price of headshots varies, depending on the city you reside in and the demand of the photographer. Typically, you can expect to spend about $100.00 per roll of film and you probably want to get at least two rolls of photos to choose from. Once you have the rolls of film, drop them off at a developer that your photographer trusts and ask him for a contact sheet and slides. Work with your manager or agent, choosing the photographs you wish to blow up into 8″ X10’s to go into your portfolio. If you do not have an agent, consult with the photographer, as he is knowledgeable of industry wants and standards.

Remember, that a headshot should ALWAYS be in black and white. Feel free to decide on your pose, but keep in mind that the most common headshots are shots showing your face and bust. A drastic variation from industry standards will most likely serve to your detriment. Remember to portray yourself naturally in your shots, keeping in mind how you are likely to be perceived and utilized. Do not shy away from or mask distinguishing characteristics and do not attempt to pose as someone completely different from who you are. A nice guy masquerading as a bully will most likely not pass for either. You may also want to have two headshots, one highlighting you in a comedic pose and another in a dramatic pose, but it is not a necessity.


More often than not, if you decide to go with an agency, they will want to take their own head shots and test shots. If this is the case, the agency may absorb the cost of these photographs. Do not be surprised, however, if an agency asks you to cover at least a part of the cost, especially if you are new and relatively inexperienced. The photos will, of course, be for the use of the agent as well as your personal use.

If you decide to put your own portfolio together, here are a few good tips to follow for an effective, professional look:

Do not settle for the first photographer you talk to. It is his job to make you look your best so try to find a photographer that you are happy and comfortable with. Call several photographers. Make appointments with them and simply go in and talk to them, but do not let them intimidate you! See a wide range of their previous work and gauge the results. Even if you like the work of the first photographer you come to, seek out others to compare photographs and prices.

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