Prepaid Mobile Plans Offering Many Benefits and Facilities

While postpaid plans are still struggling to reach a sizeable share of the entire market,Prepaid Mobile Plans Offering Many Benefits and Facilities Articles it’s the pre-paid plans that are taking the larger chunk of the 抖币充值. India with a huge young population is preferring to keep a tab on the costs involved in the phone usages, particularly when such youngsters have a tight budget. With no monthly rental involved, coupled with lucrative deals by mobile companies, pre-paid plans are preferred over the postpaid plans.

Prepaid Plans Takes the Cake

The Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicators Report by The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for the quarter ending March 2016 indicates that 95% of the total number of subscribers of India are prepaid users. Why do Indians prefer prepaid plans over postpaid plans? Experts give multiple reasons for the same: its starts right from owning a sim card to using it. While documentation needed for a prepaid plan is simple and easy, a postpaid plan might require too many documentations with the restriction of a minor not being able to enter into a contract with the service provider.

With India primarily having a larger young population who have a limited budget would prefer to have a plan that can be monitored as well as be controlled as and when required. On top of that, the lucrative plans for prepaid users that guarantee lesser pay per minute as well as additional freebies are also a point of attraction. The freedom to change service providers to plans, the availability of multiple recharge options, the flexibility to recharge as and when necessary, (albeit certain terms and conditions) are few other benefits that comes with a prepaid plan. The simple flexibility of ‘recharging only when you want and what you can afford’ lures mobile users who don’t wish to spend a lot of money on mobile phone service.

Multiple Recharge Options

As the number of pre-paid plan subscribers started surging, multiple recharging options too have grown simultaneously. While service providers have their own website for an easy recharge, there are other providers too who are coming up with easier as well as rewarding ways and means to attract consumers. No more need to rush to your nearest prepaid vendor to get your mobile recharged-recharge it via internet banking or the websites of service providers or through Freecharge and Paytm. Logon to their websites or download their apps, just type in your number, and the rest is figured put by the companies themselves. With a large number of prepaid plans laid out in front of you, choose the one that suits your requirements and earn rewards. Register yourself to aid the companies to keep track of your payment and remind you as and when recharging needs to be done. No more missing out on your balance, no more scanning through new prepaid plans, no more rushing to the vendor with cash to get your phone recharged, leverage the benefits offered to you by these companies at no additional cost.

Offers & Coupons- The Best Way to Recharge

Recharging through Freecharge or Paytm guarantees a hassle-free online experience that makes the recharging process easy and instant. Rest be assured about the safety and security of the payments at this website/ mobile application. Having said that, why not top it up with the best discounts available in the market accompanies by simple voucher redemption with no hidden costs or complex terms and conditions. That takes us to the exciting Freecharge coupons and Paytm coupons. The Freecharge coupons and the Paytm coupons assure rewards at every stage in the form of cashbacks or heavy discounts or other special benefits. Leverage the advantages associated with these coupons while you recharge your phone in the easiest and hassle free manner. Look out for the Freecharge coupons and Paytm coupons that are bound to make your recharging experience sweeter and lucrative.

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