SMS Text Messaging for Easy, Targeted and Responsive Online Marketing

Easy. Have the consumer market to the consumer. bulk sms When your friend tells you ‘hey, you should buy this product, its great!’ you are highly likely to believe him and likely to consider buying it. When an advertiser tells you the same, you may not even hear the message – you have learnt to block out ads unconsciously. You probably equate them to noise.

While click-through ratios of ads are about 1% or so, friend-to-friend recommendations can have a click through as high as 64%, according to a survey I once saw some time back. And what about sales conversion ratios? Well, direct marketers have known for years that an endorsed ad can convert as much as 30% or more.SMS may not be as big in the USA as it is in the rest of the world, but it !

There are many ways to get people to tell their friends about your products and services. Many web sites now have recommend-to-a-friend links. These use email to get a person to send the recommendation to a friend. That is good, but not enough. Have one of those; but also have something else. We now need a method that is novel so that the person can feel a thrill when they send a recommendation to a friend. We also need a method that is more instantaneous than email, and one more personal than email. What is that method?

It is SMS text messages. SMS text messages are those short 160 character text messages that you can send from your mobile phone to another mobile phone. It is like email through mobile phones. You can send any text to any phone. Before we look at how to send SMS text recommendations from your web site to people’s friend’s phones, let us briefly look at how popular SMS is. Here we go: There are over 750 million mobile phone users worldwide.

Contrast that with about 500 million email users only. Out of the 750 million, about 550 million can send and receive SMS text messages on their phones. That is bigger than the email market! And it is growing faster than email or the web. There are about 18 billion SMS text messages sent per month worldwide. SMS is now the biggest profit generator for telecom companies around the world and it has a higher usage rate than voice calls especially in the consumer market.

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