The Berry Tree Scam

As I spend time in Internet forums, various blogs and other social networking sites, Review Scam warnings I find this recurring theme being played out like a broken record. The Berry Tree is a scam. This complaint is due, for the most part, to a few supposed problems; they charge a membership fee to join, the bonus pools are too small, it takes a too long to make any significant money and too many people fail with the business.

In this article I will address these complaints, as well as the accusation that MLM’s in general and The Berry Tree in particular, are scams.I’m intrigued by how freely the word scam is thrown around these days, aimed like a sniper’s rifle at anything that smacks of MLM,at The Berry Tree, one had better be sure of ones facts.

The Berry Tree included. In most cases these accusations are by people who are simply misinformed. Or, they are by people who feel they’ve been burned by MLM and they’re on a mission to bring the entire industry to it’s knees! Not exactly what I would call credible witnesses. I wouldn’t build a court case based on their testimony.

To determine the truth of such accusations, I suppose some definitions are in order. I turned to our good friend, Mr. Webster, and what I found was both interesting and informative. The definition of the word scam is “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation,” or, “an attempt to make money by fraudulent means.” Fraud. Scam. Deception. Those are strong words and should not be spoken lightly! If one is going to hurl those words like a cannon ball at the MLM industry, and more specifically,

Let’s take a closer look at the above accusations in light of these definitions. MLM’s like The Berry Tree, charge a membership fee in exchange for which the distributor receives products, marketing and training tools, mentorship, etc. They in turn, get the rights to profit from the business. That sounds pretty fair to me. It’s not unlike buying into a McDonald’s, or Starbucks Franchise. To own a franchise, one will have to pay Franchise fees. So what’s the difference?

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