The Main Uses for Holiday Stationery Explored

Holiday خرید لوازم تحریر is that which is used to make things like thanksgiving cards, Christmas cards, and New Year cards. In some circles, the cards themselves are also referred to as being pieces of stationery for holiday. For the purposes of this discussion, we will take the term holiday stationery as being a reference for both the cards and the materials used in making them. What we are interested in, then, are the uses to which these stationery for holiday items are put. And as it turns, the people who purchase holiday stationery turn out to be people who have two major things in mind.

The first thing in the minds of (some of) the people who make purchases of stationery for holiday is, upon buying the stationery, to proceed and send it to others, wishing them happy holidays, merry Christmas, prosperous new year… and so on. For this category of people, it is ‘others’ whose thoughts dominate their minds, as they go shopping for suitable holiday stationery. They have no intention of keeping the holiday stationery they purchase. Rather, their intention is to send it out to others.

The ‘others’ who are the intended recipients of these stationery items in that case can vary, from friends to relatives and onto business associates, neighbors and so on. In sending the stationery for holiday to these other people in their lives, they know that they will be ‘strengthening their bonds.’ And that can be important, seeing that our happiness in life tends to be directly proportional to the strength of our social bonds with others.

The other thing that motivates people to go shopping for holiday stationery is the desire to brighten up their own surroundings, in readiness for the holiday season. While the holiday season is supposed to be a bright season, we all know that it is the human activity that is responsible to creating that brightness. Indeed, in the western hemisphere, the season we term as the holiday season is, naturally speaking, the dullest season when temperatures are at their lowest. It is therefore through things like strategic usage of stationery for holiday that we can brighten up the surroundings. So, for people in this second category, the main reason for going shopping for holiday stationery is not to send the stationery to others (and thence strengthen their bonds). Rather, the objective is to brighten their very own surroundings, in anticipation of the holiday season – which may otherwise turn out to be a very dull season indeed.

Naturally, the ideal stationery for holiday varies depending on which, of the two purposes, one has in their mind as they go shopping for it. The ideal holiday stationery for the person looking to brighten up their surroundings may be that which rates highly in terms of practical brightness. The ideal holiday stationery for the person looking to send it to others (rather than make use of it herself) would, on the other hand, be that which rates high in things like sentimentality.

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