There Has Never Been a Better Time to Self Publish Your Own Books

The sad news for the book publishing industry is that acim audio store sales are down. One of the biggest book publishers have recently reported that their book store sales are down by a whopping 10%! This is all scary news for publishers and most of them have already started evasive action against this down turn in sales.

Some publishing companies have already gone out of business while others have started cutting back on the number of books they publish. And even others have stopped accepting new book manuscripts altogether. But if you were considering self publishing your own book, don’t be disheartened because all this news of lower book sales is great news for the self published author, or anyone thinking about self publishing.

You see most self published authors never see their books available through book stores, unless customers order it. Some self published authors never expect to see their books sitting on book store shelves and have still become millionaire authors.

The trend in book sales now is that more and more people are buying their books online. Online book stores will happily list self published books on their web sites because they don’t need to stock them so if they don’t make a sale then nothing is lost.

You see most self published books are sold by POD (Print On Demand). This means that unless someone specifically orders a copy of your book – through a book store or an online store – your book isn’t printed. So self publishing through POD means that you don’t have to keep a huge stock of you books and they can be sold all over the world automatically.

But how many book sales can you get using POD publishing? Well, that obviously depends of the popularity of your book and how well it’s marketed.

And with all the big publishing companies struggling to make sales now, you may wonder what hope there is for the self published author. And there answer is that there is more hope than ever for the self published author to prosper.

You see the problem with the big publishing houses is that they have so many overheads (stock, premises, staff, transport, etc) that they need to make huge book sales to survive. So if they publish a book they need to feel reasonably confident that they will sell tens of thousands of copies.

If you self published a book and sold it through online book stores, libraries, etc and you sold only 2,000 copies per year. To a publishing company that would be disastrous. But to the self published author who is earning around $10 or more per book, it is good news, even with so few sales.

And if you wrote several books and sold 2,000 copies or more of each book every year, you’d be earning in excess of $100,000 a year. And remember that selling 2,000 books a year is actually very low sales, and you could easily sell twice that many.

And the more books you write, the more book you can sell. We all have favourite authors and will usually buy all the books they write. So if you could write and publish several books and build up a loyal fan base, then the number of books you could sell is unlimited.

But don’t take my word for it. Self publishing a book costs very little and is easy to do. If you know the steps to publishing a book, know which companies you can use to help you and know how to market your book with minimal effort and outlay, then you could write book after book and feel safe in the knowledge that every one of them will be published.

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