To Sell a House – One Man’s Bland is Another Man’s Sale!

Naturally you want to minimize any

When you are wondering how to sell Sell my house for cash one of the things you are advised to do is make it look as good as possible. It’s common sense really isn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many folks try to get out of spending a few dollars decorating a house they know they are about to sell. This is a MISTAKE!

of decorating a property that you do not intend to live in for long. But there are some challenging questions you should ask yourself if you are serious about selling quickly.

If you are like the majority of folks you may well have put up with some minor (or even major) decorative disasters for longer than you should have. Such problems as peeling paint or wall papers; damaged surfaces, walls doors, skirting boards; that wall that got ‘repaired’ but awaits a re-paint. These are common issues that if you are living with hem full time you ‘become blind’ to, but they are exactly what an prospective buyer visiting your home sees first!

Psychologically the ‘small things’ all add up in a home viewer’s mind. The reality may be that the solution to the numerous little decorative glitches around your house might only cost a few dollars to put right. But they set alarm bells about added expense’ ringing in the minds of a prospect. You DO NOT want this!

So if you are putting your house on the market soon (or are already in the throes) then it is time to get down to the ‘decor mart’ and buy up some low cost paints, brushes, fillers and what have you.

But don’t just rush in without making a plan. You have to realize that you want he house to look ‘all of a piece’. If one or two rooms look like they’ve had a face lift and the rest of the rooms look a bit jaded, this can equally work against you. So you need to think how you can achieve best results, with maximum effect, for least cash!

Never get carried away when it comes to giving the ‘old place’ a lick of paint. Remember you are selling and not staying so it is all about wise investment with least ‘commitment’! You overall aim is to achieve something that looks clean, fresh, and above all – bland. I know it sounds strange, but this is especially important if you have your own distinctive and perhaps ‘different’ tastes when it comes to decorating.

Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of originality. One of the advantages of becoming successful is the opportunity it affords to invest in distinctive things of value that appeal you (and maybe you alone). Things that you love someone else may hate. One man’s meat is another man’s poison as they say! But when it comes to presenting your home for sale you are not opening a gallery!

The more you can do to reduce any evidence of your own personality in the place the better it is from a selling point of view. Your soon-to-be-sold-home should become a ‘blank canvas’ onto which the prospect can easily project the setting of their belongings. They need to ‘make the place their own’ in their minds as quickly as possible after they arrive to see your house. The more you can help then do this the more likely their interest will become one of serious intent!

This is why most home decoration experts advise that when preparing a home for sale you should go for light, airy, but bland colors. Colors such as magnolia, light oatmeal, even (the dreaded) beige are all ideal to retain as much space enhancing light in a room, yet leave the canvas a clean as possible for visionary prospective buyers.

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