Is Advertising On The Radio A Waste Of Time For Your Mobile App?

Advertising on the radio for a mobile app may seem a bit of an oxymoron. After all,Is Advertising On The Radio A Waste Of Time For Your Mobile App? Articles the radio is a seemingly prehistoric form of entertainment and mobile apps are a new wave of technology that is way beyond that of radio. With that, the use of the radio has evolved quite a bit over the decades. While some people still listen to AM/FM radios, much of the population has at least welcomed the addition of Internet radio to their eardrums. In terms of advertising for your mobile app, it may seem that radio is an entire bust, and subsequently not even worth the money or effort to advertise on. However, with the popularity of Internet radio platforms such Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius XM, advertising your mobile app on the radio may be something you wish to consider in the future.

Recording an audio advertisement for your app can create a range of marketing options. Even if you create a radio spot tailored specifically for a platform like Pandora, because you can edit it and easily make it more general, you will be able to also use it for similar spots on other Internet radio hosts such as Sportify. Additionally, because you have already recorded the audio, you could even consider featuring your audio commercial on traditional popular AM/FM radio channels. Doing so will give you the versatility to reach out to both traditional and Internet radio listeners. While it may seem that Internet radio is the only type of radio that people listen, in fact, people still do listen to traditional radio, most predominantly in their cars on the way to work or driving around town.

Recording an audio commercial advertising your app can be exceptionally easy. There are many professionals that produce such audio spots that will ensure the sound quality is optimal for Internet or any other type of radio. In addition, youcan easily make a simple, yet effective audio commercial on your own using a computer and special recording software that will allow you to create a viable audio spot for radio. If you do choose to go this route, however, you should consider the cost of doing so. While it can be expensive to hire a professional to produce your audio spot, it can be more expensive to buy the equipment to do so on your own, especially if you do not have experience in the field. This is not to mention that spending a lot of money on an Internet radio commercial may be sort of counterproductive, as much of its purpose is to use a cheap method of advertising that is also effective.


Advertising on the radio, whether it is Internet radio or traditional, may be something you want to consider. A large number of people use Internet radio to stay abreast to the latest popular songs, as well as, talk radio. Even traditional AM/FM radio still has a significant following and is subsequently a very cheap form of advertising. So, whether you create an audio commercial appealing your app to a specific demographic targeted by the station they listen to on Internet radio, or you merely place a cheap audio commercial on AM radio reminding users to download your app, doing so certainly does not hold much financial risk.

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