Make the Most of Premo Space in Your Garage With Garage Storage Racks

Yes we all know that decorative concrete of oklahoma space is what we would call “premo” space. And today we are going to be talking about more garage solutions that a lot of folks are are going to be interested in because just about everyone has a bike or two or maybe even three. This article is all about garage storage racks and in particular bike storage racks.

You see the thing with garages is that most people just do not pay them much attention. There is no garage love as I call it. Things and stuff just get thrown into the garage in a haphazard manner. You know, where ever you can squeeze things in is where they end up. There is just no love.

But folks, it really does not have to be that way because there are so many absolutely terrific garage solutions on the market today and…. they are relatively inexpensive as well.

So back to storing our bikes. Again, because the garage floor is “premo” space, we do not want to waste even 1 square foot of space that we don’t have to. And using garage storage racks to store our bikes is the perfect garage solution.

One of my favorite bike garage storage racks is the floor-to-ceiling tension type of storage rack. Why? Because it takes your storage up and off the floor. We are talking vertical garage storage racks here. And isn’t that a great and efficient use of space.

Another reason why I really like the floor-to-ceiling bike rack is because it is dead easy to assemble and it holds 2 bikes. Some have a pretty high load capacity and will adjust to hold 4 bikes. All you need to do is to purchase one of those inexpensive Add-A-Bike kits. In other words, you can customize this garage solution to meet your family’s growing needs.

And here is a tip when purchasing your bike rack. Make sure it is made of silver anodized aluminum construction because that means it should not rust or discolor. And that is super important – who wants to hang their bikes on a rusty old rack?

And last but not least, most bike garage storage racks are height adjustable. If your garage is anywhere between 7′ and 11′ then this garage storage rack is going to work for you.

Oh, and did I mention that these floor-to-ceiling garage storage racks are really quite attractive. And by installing one, you will not only be creating one of those perfect garage solutions, but you will also be showing your garage the love!

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